9 Steps To Better Home Office Organization

9 Steps To Better Home Office Organization

If you work at home, it is easy to scatter things about. You will still need to get your work done in an efficient way and on time.

Especially since the less time you are spending working, the more time you have to be with family and do other activities.

So better home office organization is the way to go to pare down on wasted time and energy. Read these 9 tips to get your home office organized.

Your Office Space At Home

Now that you are working from home, do you have a home office? You do not need an entire room, you could have part of a room that is defined as your working space with computer and a file cabinet.

This could even be in your bedroom with a desk to have your computer, your pens and pencils and a file folder.

If your office is going to be the kitchen table, you will not want the rest of what you need scattered about – a file cabinet in the living room, the computer in the bedroom,etc. Try to get everything in one spot or organized in a box and then set your laptop up and set out your things.

Keep Personal Files Separate Than Business Files

Be sure to keep your personal files and home bills separate from your business things. That includes checkbooks.

You will have enough paper work to do, you don’t want to have to sort out personal or business every time you want to tackle some bills or paper work. You could have home stuff in your office, but keep it in a separate place.

Make A File System

Next, put together a file system that works for you. You are your own boss, whether you are working for someone else or working for your self. Set up your system how it fits YOU.

Think about the files or paperwork you will have What will be the easiest way to find particular files or paperwork. Then set up a file system based on that, that will work for you. If it is not right to start with, you can always change it.

Declutter Your Home Office Area

Take a look at the work area you have chosen. Right now are there piles of paper stacked up, mail, pens and pencils lying all around? Is there anything else piling up? Example is 2 or 3 sweaters or shirts hanging on the back of your office chair. Then it is time to Declutter – Set aside some time to organize and put everything away.

Now that you have some home office organization going, end your day with a few minutes devoted to keeping it that way. In other words, you It makes it so much easier to start tackling things the next morning. And this will prevent you from every having to sort through a big pile of papers to find the right document.

Make It Pleasant

How about adding some pretty plants, a picture of family, a poster of inspirational quotes or anything that will make your office area a nice place to work in. These type of things can keep you in a good mood and help you want to keep it neat and clean. You might even spend a little on an item such as a nice desk lamp that is both functional and decorative.

Organize Computer Files

Now, about those files on your computer? Things improperly filed on your computer can make you waste a lot of time hunting for things. If your computer is used for home and for office work, then create a work folder with sub folders and a home folder. I also have a folder for my antivirus software and video making software.

Once again, come up with some sort of filing system that will work in keeping personal files separate from work files. And be sure your family knows what is what if they access the same computer. You do not want them messing with your work files. If using Windows XP, you can actually set up a separate user account for work stuff and set password protect in place. That way, family members do not accidentally delete or change your work files.

Email Organization

Emails – you want to keep these organized with files as well. If you are like me, I sometimes waste time searching for an email that I needed to refer to. A suggestion is to set up folders for different clients and perhaps projects. What ever you do, find something that works. Then as soon as you read the email, sort it. It only will take a second or two to put it in the appropriate folder. An additional idea is to set up different identities @ your website name and certain email goes to that, if you have a website.

Take Time To Purge

Purging – now that you have your filing system set up and you are organized in other areas, then set up some time every few months to clean out your files. Both the hard drive and the file cabinet can accumulate a lot of stuff quickly. A good idea is to at least set aside some time to purge at every new season, so this would be 4 times a year.

Work From A Schedule

Now comes setting up you schedule. Organize your time. Each day before you leave your work space, write out tomorrow’s tasks And work off that. Make up a system that will work for you with a schedule book if you need to.

Final Thoughts

So, which of these ideas can you start soon to work on your Home Office organization? You will end up spending less time searching for things, which you can use to get more done, or finish up earlier. Soon you won’t know how you got anything done, back when everything was dis-organized.

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